About Me.

Hi I’m Mark Taylor owner of Holistic Health Scotland.

My story is I was in drug addiction for 16 years from the age of 13 – 29 and I robbed myself of my youth with the choices I made.

I lived in stress & anxiety most of my addiction.

I harmed myself and my family. I felt guilt, shame and embarrassment because of this. I can remember the sadness in their eyes seeing me on drugs and not living.

Since I got clean in 2015 I have seen the joy in my family’s eyes again and they love being in my company and I theirs. We have a laugh together and communicate in a healthy manner.

My Gran died in 2014 and I believe she was the power in helping me getting clean as it wasn’t long after she died I started to change. I wish she could be here to see the man I am and what I’ve accomplished.


I got married to my beautiful wife in October 21. We have been together for 5 years and live an amazing life together as we do what we love together and what fills the soul for our relationship.

I also needed to seek the help of others, be willing to change and put the effort into myself by showing myself self-love.
This meant taking care of my health as a whole (Holistic) & spirituality.

I am grateful to everyone who helped me as I was able to deal with my trauma, anxiety & stress.

From living a life of stress, anxiety, guilt & shame I now have peace, happiness, contentment and the ability to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have.

Sometimes life is still difficult but now I can deal with it using everything I have learned in my Holistic lifestyle & spirituality.
I truly love living this way as I feel great and have a fulfilling and abundant life!

Before & After

The following image shows my  where I was prior to getting clean in 2015 and where I am now. My story is a testament to the fact anyone can turn their life around by using a holistic approach.


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